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My name is Cait Morrill Richards, known as ‘Cait’ to most.

I’ve always been a big media geek, watching everything from Xena: Warrior Princess and Tank Girl to Pride & Prejudice and Beauty & The Beast. After well over a decade of pursuing my passion, I received my B.A. from the Evergreen State College in 2012.

During my final year of school, I was accepted into an competitive internship program with the campus video production team, Electronic Media. Under their tutelage, I was able to direct my first live-to-air broadcast production.

I have been a mentor and teacher for people of all ages that wish to learn about production in the Portland area for over four years. I have helped young people create community-based documentaries and have since taught hundreds of people from all walks of life about studio production.

I have a lot of passion for cultural exploration and storytelling far outside the community I was raised in. I have had the opportunity to travel to parts of Europe and most of North America, as well as Central China and Mexico. This has very much contributed to my view of our world, as well as how I view media. In fact, ‘media’ itself is a pretty broad term — which I have explored as a gamer.

My current project is 2AM Gaming. Right now, thousands of people play games all over the world, and have bonded through their stories, their characters and their communities. 2AM Gaming hopes to exhibit games that have focused primary on the action of how to tell a story, and make their player feel something that keeps them thinking well after the game is finished. Historically, there have been a lot of games that have deeply affected me, and now with the indie development boom, we have thousands of games that are changing lives. I will be exploring that through videos called Let’s Play that allow viewers to follow me through the game in real time episodically. I wrapped the playthrough of Undertale in December, and I am currently working on the next game in my spare time.

Currently, I work with Portland Community Media as a part-time technical specialist, or jill-of-all-trades.


Favorite Movie: Seven Samurai (1954)

Favorite Genres: Horror, Scifi, Black Comedy

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