Special Thanks

Thanks to all who have helped me so far. Your friendship, guidance and wit keep me going. 

MARTHA & DAVE RICHARDS, who raised me right.

BEN RICHARDS, my brother and great friend. Also, you smell.

KEGAN SANCHEZ, the love of my Goddamn life and my biggest fellow nerd.

EMILY ROLAND & JENELLE NEILL, for assessing that throat-punching policy is completely legitimate.

STEPHANIE ZORN, for being my most sarcastic mentor.

JO LANE, the English teacher who told me off for not going to “real” college.

MARGARET SEILER, a fount of knowledge, trivial and not so much.

CASSIDY WEBSTER, who sat me down to watch things I cannot unsee.

MATT CROSS, for assuming that any amount of absurd gesticulation is totally normal.

MAX WEDDING, the coolest (and gayest) boy in the 6th grade.

JULIA ZAY & SALLY CLONINGER, making film theory “deceptively simple.”

DAVE CRAMTON & RAOUL BERMAN, for homemade bagels, pancake shots, and knowledge for the ages.